Connecting the dots between learning
and employment.

"The forgotten 50%": Who are we designing for?

Help us better define the population that we are designing for. In the diagram below the top 25% are likely bound for 4 year colleges. The bottom 25% (or less) will likely not successfully complete their secondary education. We would like to focus on the middle 50% in providing the necessary education to secure a solid working class position.

Half of this 50% currently aspires to college education but is unlikely to complete and take advantage of its benefits. The other half currently is unlikely to pursue any post secondary education. With our solution we want to provide successful pathways for both of these groups in the middle keeping in mind that we need to communicate with them appropriately. 

What criteria will help us define the 50%? 

  • Test scores
  • Completion rates
  • Parent graduation rate
  • Family income

How do we message or speak to this group appropriately?

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 4.57.40 PM.png