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Major Day for Boise, Perhaps Even Idaho...

Today was a huge day for anybody interested in postsecondary education in the Boise area, and perhaps Idaho at large. After 8 seasons of incredible service as head coach to the BSU Broncos, taking them all the way to CFB powerhouse prominence and a comfortable seat as a highly-respected student-athlete program, smurf-turf and all, Chris Peterson has decided to make his move to the University of Washington in Seattle where he'll ply his trade for the Huskies.

It may sound silly to care about this event in context of PTECH, but college football is a serious matter when it comes to kids' and young adults' postsecondary aspirations in this country, especially in states and regions where the game is deeply ingrained in the culture. Although CFB programs' linkages to core academic and/or career-preparation aspects of college are probably tenuous at best, these programs still do quite a bit in terms of branding and marketing "college" in the eyes of young people.

How might we learn from CFB programs in terms of making college seem more fun, exciting, and appealing?