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New MOOC Teaches “Character”

As we continue to discuss the importance (and challenge!) of teaching “soft skills” we’ve found it useful to investigate how other educational institutions and organizations are tackling this topic. On February 9th, Relay Graduate School of Education, will offer a new online course, Teaching Character. Dave Levin (Co-Founder, KIPP; Co-Founder, Relay GSE) teaches how to bring psychology's cutting-edge research on character into the classroom.

This course explores the interconnection between character research, education, and academic rigor. During our sessions, we’ll cover the field of positive psychology as it relates to character strengths, as well as the concepts of Growth Mindset, Constructive Responding, and Character Behavior Language. We will engage with the existing research, hear from eminent scholars in the field and top K-12 educators, and view footage of classroom teachers integrating these ideas into their classroom instruction.

The course will explore questions like:

How can positive psychology help us maximize student engagement and accomplishment?

What does it look like to implement a growth mindset in your classroom?

Can you teach grit in the classroom? If so, how?

Should an educator measure character? If so, how?

How might we use this course to narrow and define PTECH’s definition of “soft skills” and consider how to leverage existing curricula in this area?

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