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Opportunities Multiply as They are Seized

Okay, I know this is not possible, but I honestly think every student in America should have a PTECH coach like Hayley.
 Payton Grover, Melba High School Junior

Payton Grover, Melba High School Junior

My name is Payton Grover and I am a junior at Melba High School and am in my second semester with the PTECH IT program.  This quote sums up my PTECH experience so far “Opportunities multiply as they are seized. “  PTECH provides an opportunity to expand and thrive in a marketable field. Before PTECH I really didn’t know what a marketable field was. When I began I thought that I would just take a few classes and graduate with a certificate in the information technology field, or computer programming. I was not expecting the support and the other opportunities they have provided for me.

First of all I’m enjoying the field that I had never thought about going into, it is an expansive field and I am finding the parts that interest me. I know I do not want to go into tech support, but programming or web design. I have found this out through exposure to classes and we went on a day trip in Boise. We had the opportunity to go to Clearwater and HP to tour their workspaces and all of the insanely cool technological tools that they have.  If I can quote my fellow PTECH student, Evan Butler while at HP said, “This is better than Disneyland,” Now while I wouldn’t go that far, it was incredible and they are both places I will look into in the future.

The trip was informative about job availability in Idaho, we got to talk to friendly helpful employees on the ground level who are doing the jobs and we found out what they really do on a daily basis. We separated into small groups so there was lots of opening questioning time with engineers and programmers who answered question after question. It gave me a much clearer view on what programmers and web designers do on a daily basis. They also talked about realistic job opportunities and salaries.

My plan before starting PTECH was undetermined. I was considering psychology, culinary arts, or journalism. Now Through PTECH I can get my associated degree in a field that I had never thought about. I will go on to complete my bachelors. I enjoy this field, have good ground knowledge of what it looks like, and I know that the demand is strong with high growth salaries in Idaho.

I have an exciting example of how PTECH has been adding to my opportunities. In my intro to java class I got an email about a technology scholarship for girls, so I filled it out and didn’t think much about it. Last week I was invited to attend an awards banquet at BSU for Idaho affiliate of NCWIT Aspirations and Computing Award from the Boise State College of Engineering. I am not quite sure what that means yet, but I am excited and will attend the awards ceremony in March with my parents and java teacher.

One more opportunity that PTECH has given me is coaching. A crucial part of PTECH that I didn’t know would be so helpful to me is the weekly coaching sessions. I have an extremely busy life and sometimes keeping track of everything and realizing my priorities can be overwhelming. Hayley, my coach, has provided the questions and life skills I need to find the answers and organizations that help me be successful and realize what I really want. Okay I know this is not possible, but I honestly think every student in America should have a PTECH coach like Hayley.

PTECH is about providing the opportunity and building people who can lead and have the skills to serve the needs of Idaho. PTECH provides the opportunity and support to prepare students to be marketable, productive, and capable in Idaho’s economy.