Connecting the dots between learning
and employment.



The PTECH Program 

PTECH offers Idaho high school students the tools to create a career path they can feel good about following.  We want to help students get on a path to personal independence and a fulfilling, well-paying job in Idaho. 

PTECH puts students on a career path designed to meet the real needs of Idaho industries. This can include online coursework while in high school, community college degree and certificate programs, and specialized training such as a code schools and on-site internships. The program produces qualified graduates ready to fill well-paying jobs that meet the needs of Idaho’s employers. Students are supported on a path to these careers beginning in high school and continuing after graduation.

Want to learn how actual PTECH students have benefitted from our program? Check out this video from our friends at Buck the Quo, who recently highlighted Jimmy, a basketball-playing tech student turned IT professional from Sagle, ID.

What Does PTECH Provide?

ptech tools and support

  • Career exploration and planning
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • Connections to employers
  • Support with career planning and workforce preparation through experiential learning and remote coaching provided by InsideTrack
  • Internship and job shadow opportunities
  • Tuition support*
  • Laptops and tech support*

*Tuition support, laptops and tech support are provided to students who qualify and are not a guaranteed component of the program


After successful completion of the program, Idaho PTECH students will receive a career plan, their high school diploma, relevant technical certificates and/or degree(s), 21st century employability skills, relevant technical training and most importantly, job placement opportunities.

PTECH's Goals

  • Connect the right student with the right skills with the right career opportunity.
  • Support placing students in well-paying jobs in PTECH career paths within high value industries including aerospace/advanced manufacturing, technology and healthcare.
  • Build a talent pipeline of qualified students and prepare them for entry into Idaho’s workforce.