Connecting the dots between learning
and employment.

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Design principles: sustainable, user-centered and scalable

These principles will guide the design of a system that is sustainable, user-centered and can be scaled over time.


Create simple solutions that connect the dots for students.

Today, piecing together a PTECH-like education is an obstacle course. Make PTECH accessible by packaging solutions for smooth and seamless transitions.



Integrate with and enable existing communities and resources.

The PTECH network will be a distributed network. To reach scale and impact as many students as possible, PTECH will have to work through others – teachers, administrators, employers.



Allow for adaptation and localization.

The PTECH experience will be delivered by many different educators and employers. They need to be able to own and adapt PTECH to their specific needs.



Celebrate signature PTECH elements.

Be intentional about which elements of the system PTECH owns and controls, to build continuity, excitement and awareness.



Design for employment, not just graduation.

The ultimate success of the PTECH network will be measured in students' successful transition into and development of their careers.